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Did you know we offer BOARDING to our patients??  
Not just any pet, but healthy, clean, vaccinated pets that one of our doctors has personally examined.  They get lots of TLC, stay in CLEAN QUARTERS, and are taken for WALKS at least 3 times daily!  We DO IT RIGHT!  Space is limited to just a few at a time, so make your RESERVATIONS as soon as you know the dates.  Sorry, WE DO NOT BOARD FLEAS.  Any parasites trying to sneak in on a pet are introduced to chemical warfare, and it is not quite complimentary.  HAPPY VACATIONING!
We provide BATHING facilities for dogs.  We use a variety of medicated and special shampoos depending on your pet's skin condition.  We also carry a full line of MEDICATED SHAMPOOS and FLEA PRODUCTS for you to use at home.  We will be happy to recommend a product that is right for your pet.  Since most pets take time to dry, please allow several hours for us to bathe your pet.  
Note:  For bathing, grooming or boarding we require that all animals be up to date on vaccines, including rabies and kennel cough.  We will be glad to provide boosters if needed while your pet is boarding.
We also trim nails and perform light grooming such as SANITARY TRIMS and minor matt removals. We will be happy to recommend quality groomers in the area. 
We offer safe dental scaling and polishing done by our doctors, not technicians like most practices.  We use state of the art ultrasonic equipment.  Pets are monitored throughout the procedure and recovery.  Most animals are lightly anesthetized and ready to go home by early afternoon.  Our doctors also have the ability to extract diseased teeth as necessary and fill cavities.
In addition to the routine procedures such as fecal exams and heartworm tests, we have our own IDEXX CHEMISTRY ANALYZER for performing pre-anesthetic, geriatric and emergency bloodwork.   We can perform full urinalysis, cytology, clotting time and red blood cell counts.  In addition, our off site laboratory picks up specimens twice a day with rapid result reporting.  The doctors at Killian Hill Animal Hospital also have a relationship with the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine Diagnostic Laboratory for special requests. 
We have state of the art RADIOLOGY equipment to take rapid and diagnostic X-RAYS.  Our technicians are proficient in obtaining the radiographs of our patients while the doctors provide interpretation of the image obtained. Digital radiographs allow instant viewing of images as well as capabilities of sharing results via computer or disc.
We offer only the safest and highest quality surgeries and anesthetics.  Our surgery suite allows for a temperature controlled, sterile environment.  Our doctors perform many procedures from routine spays and neuters to the critical emergency surgeries.  Common procedures for us include bladder stone retrieval, anal gland removal, mass or tumor removals, intestinal foreign object removal and ocular surgeries.  We use a variety of safe anesthetics, individually selected based on the patient's age, overall health and the procedure to be performed.  Our anesthetic monitoring includes esophageal stethoscope, blood pressure evaluation, temperature recording, EKG and pulse oximetry.
Our doctors are excellent DIAGNOSTICIANS, tackling the most complicated of internal medicine cases and perplexing geriatric illnesses.  Of course we are also proficient with routine preventive care.  We can handle all of your pet's needs from nose to tail.  We use only the highest quality vaccines and tailor them to meet all of our patients' unique needs.  With our wonderful staff, diagnostic equipment and the multitudes of therapies available to us, we can best manage your pet's healthcare.
We offer combination and single agent CHEMOTHERAPY protocols to suit many of our patients' needs, including mast cell tumor and lymphoma treatments.   In addition to the convenience of a state of the art facility close to home, we offer counseling and emotional support during this stressful time.  We take time to educate our owners about the use of chemotherapy, its side effects and what to expect.  We also discuss with our clients if it is even the right choice for them or their pet, and if so, which protocol would be most beneficial.  Pets undergoing chemotherapy are carefully monitored and owners are in direct communication with Dr. Hopper frequently.
QUESTIONS?  Call us.  One of our friendly and knowledgable receptionists are waiting for your call.  NANCY, BETH AND RACHEL will be happy to help you in any way possible.  Cam likes to help too!
After-Hour-Emergencies:  Please call Blue Pearl of Gwinnett at (770) 277-8600, located at 1956 Lawrenceville Suwanee Road, Lawrenceville, GA  30043, visit
bluepearlvet.com.   OR  Eastside Animal Emergency Center (678) 985-5530, located at 1835 Grayson Highway (GA 20), Grayson, GA  30017-1247.
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As of February 2016, there have been only rare isolated cases of Canine Influenza in Georgia.  In the event of another outbreak in Georgia, we will be requiring the Influenza vaccine to board.  We do have the current strain of flu vaccine available for those of you who want to vaccinate your pet now just in case.
PRE-BOARD EXAM:  We board to provide a convenient service for our patients.  We do not have runs or cat condos.  The boarding dog must be comfortable with our staff reaching into the kennel, being leashed and walked in our yard.  With cats, we need be able to open the kennel to change litterboxes and feed.  First-time-boarders will need to complete a COMPLIMENTARY PRE-BOARD EXAM.  This entails placing your pet into a kennel, making sure he is comfortable in his surroundings and we are able to handle him safely.