Photo Album
Team Cavapoo
Gracie Littleton
Baxter & Marley Sadler
Scooby Robertson
Tag and Puck Brady/Hopper
Moose & 
Molly Ringwald 
Pixie Malanoski
Dierks Chandley
Pat and Abby Redmond
Pippin & Merry Brewer
Sammy Green
Riley Clark
Mollie Savage
Abiagail and Captain Jack Allen
Beckham Wilson
Phin Bass
Jobi and Lola Sugarman
Sadie Nunnelly
The McKellar Threesome (Mosley Hall, McTavish, Tucker)
Ginger Tofield
Photo by Terry Wawro,
Campbell Henry

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Surprising Adriane with Tessa the newest Cavapoo
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Charlie Guthrie/Burman
Cooper Moore
Hershey White
Bentleigh Runkel
Baxter Dennard